The London Enduro

In just under one week five intrepid Write This Run team members and one solo maverick will be taking on The 2014 London Enduro.

12 hours of non-stop running around the beautiful trails of Wimbledon Common.



Also its 5pm – 5am, so its 12 hours all night trail running, around the beautiful trails of Wimbledon Common.

Excellent practice for the 24 hour trail race we have coming up with the Thunder Run.

Here is the little bio I have up on the WTR website:


you can read about everyone doing the race here.

Liz and Laura the wonderful founders of Write This Run put the team together and have scored some ace sponsorship, providing tents, head torches and snacks for what I can only imagine will be some extremely hungry and sleepy runners.

The London Enduro is one of those events thats its quite difficult to prepare for, unless you fancy pitching up a tent in Richmond Park and setting an alarm to wake you up every few hours to complete a lap. So while I haven’t quite gone to that level, I have been running on the trails as often as possible. If you get a chance go down to the coastal trails around Studland Bay, gorgeous down there (photos of Aimee without whom I might never have pulled my slightly hungover self out of bed). 





The guys at London Enduro have a whole heap of fun activities going on during the day on June 14th, so if you feel like heading on down for some Saturday entertainment it should be a great day out, even better if you fancy sticking around to cheer on us gnarly night runners. 

Huge thank you to Liz, Laura and Write This Run for getting the team together and looking after us so well. Fingers crossed we make it through the night in one piece.


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