My Favourite Run

There’s a lot of things I’ve done differently with marathon training this time round, trying not to turn into an obsessed crazy person being top of the list.

There is one thing however that we have done exactly the same.

I say we because every weekend when I get ready for my long run, my mum gets ready too. She puts on about 500 layers, fetches her bike and rides along with me for the 17, 18, 20 or however many miles I have to run that particular day.

Before marathon training started again we ran together at the weekend, my mums a runner too. She’s run two marathons and is currently training for Bath Half. If you run regularly in Bushy Park you’ve probably seen her whizzing past. 

She gives up her morning to come and support me on these three hour jaunts, more often than not in freezing rain or gale-force winds (sometimes both) and has to ride painfully slowly so as not to leave me miles behind. As a family inflicted with extremely slow blood circulation this means getting cold, fast.

Regardless every weekend she continues to wrap up and come out with me, we chat about what’s been going on that week and the things we see along the way. Sometimes she asks why I don’t listen to music to distract myself but I would much rather talk to her.

It’s only one of my weekly runs, but it is my favourite one.


The time Rosie was back from uni and we told her that Mum always carries the umbrella for me when it rains, but if she wanted to come along she had to do it.


NB: my mum does not really do this



12 thoughts on “My Favourite Run

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