Hillingdon Vol II – The Reckoning

You would have thought having made it through my first bike race in one piece I would be feeling a little more confident going into my second… Nope. But at least I now knew the correct way to attach my race number. Progress. The turquoise ladies racing squad (Gem and I) were back in force, but word must have gotten out because this Saturday afternoon we had a field of 20 ladies to contend with.

My fellow turquoise lady went rogue and wore maroon this week.  



The first lap was fast, the second lap was even faster. It was around this point Gem appeared next to me and asked how I was doing.


What with marathon training and being pretty ill the week before, I wasn’t feeling 100%. However, not being one to go down without a fight I clawed my way back to the front end of the pack (if I could see Gem, that was good) and managed to hang on by the skin of my teeth up to the final lap. It was attack after attack and I was doing everything in my power to hold onto the wheel in front of mine.  

Witness the opposite of my ‘I’m finding this really easy’ face


After 30 minutes, we saw the 5 laps to go sign and the pace wound up even more. Just as we were approaching the final lap, forty Men’s 4th Cat racers came shooting past us. Wobbling on the tight corner coming off the descent and with bikes on either side of me I genuinely thought it was the end of Polly Farrington.

Thankfully after a few panic stricken seconds I got the bike back under control and sprinted after the girl in front. I could see Gem in a leading group of four up ahead, and the girls I had lost just behind them. Despite chasing the final lap as hard as I could there was no bringing them back and I came round the final bend and crossed the line in 11th place, just in time to see Gem and the three other leading ladies roll over the finish line together.

There is still one more Women’s Go-Race in the Imperial Winter Series on the 8th Feb and I thoroughly recommend you get involved! Racing is hard but it’s a massive adrenalin rush and really good fun, all I want to do is get some proper training in after the marathon and see what I can do.

You can enter the final race for just £7.50 ——-> HERE

Chuffed face post race (stolen from Gem)


What else did I do this weekend?

Only went and ran 20 miles didn’t I.


Then I fell asleep at 7pm.

Like a boss.



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