For anyone wondering what I have been up to lately, a little photographic diary…

1. Shooting the Rapha S/S’14 collection

In one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The whole trip was incredible and I could not be more grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of it. Here are just a few of my personal photos: 




The bike dreams are made of.







Daily trip through France’s narrowest castle entrance archway. Much to everyone’s astonishment this guy made it through unscathed!


(you’ll be able to see the proper photos and gorgeous new kit when the Spring/Summer collection is released in February)

2. I gained a new appreciation for light

On a photo shoot good light is seriously important. Having never given light much thought before, after spending the week with Ben Ingham and his lovely camera assistants Mike and Matt, I now can’t stop seeing it. 

Here is some (in the words of Matt) PROPER DECENT light I saw on my commute to work the other day.


3. Team ‘SHUT UP LEGS’ entered the Adidas Thunder Run 

Next July myself @pollyfarrington, Sophie @BePrettyFit, Sarah @goldilocksruns, Laura @ledavis and Cat @Cat_Simpson_ have entered a dream team of five in the infamous Adidas Thunder Run.

The race is on a 10km off-road loop where teams aim to complete as many 10km laps as possible in 24 hours, so potentially we’re looking at around 50km each over the 24 hours. Pretty sweet.


4. The Greater Manchester Marathon

Last but certainly not least, this morning I entered my second marathon. On April 6th I’ll be lining up for a bit of marathon redemption on the streets of Manchester.


8 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. I am going to leave a comment in a numbered list, as this is the way you’ve posted.
    1. I cannot WAIT to see the photos. Famous guuuurl! And more lycra to lust after, obvs.
    2. That is one pretty commute!
    3. Yeeeeeeah Shut Up Legs! I am most excited for this. Will we technically be ultramarathoners if we do 50km each?
    4. See ya on the start line! Pretty certain a humongous PB is coming your way.

    1. What a comment! Cheers Sarah 🙂 Since we’re on a numbers theme..

      1. Ahhh I am absolutely terrified to see the photos! (there was some serious suffering going down in those mountains).
      2. Also cannot wait for the Thunder Run and it will definitely make hardcore Simpson-esque ultra runners out of us.
      3. It has its perks
      4. Manchester is a mix of excitement and terror, good to know there will be a friendly face at the start though!

      1. Anytime dearest.

        1. Bet the photos will be all serious cyclist and you looking super speedy!
        2. If I don’t turn into a hardcore ultra runner and start eating actual food whilst running I’ll be well disappointed. Also, how about fluoro team vests with Shut Up Legs on them?
        3. Way prettier than grotty student ghetto in Leeds!
        4. I am also excited but quite terrified! Have you thought about a goal? My coach has laid down 3.40 as a possible for me?!

      2. 1. Fingers crossed!
        2. Flouro is the only way forward, I am all over this
        3. I hear Hyde Park is pretty decent!
        4. Literally no idea at the moment, would love a London GFA but we shall have to see


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