Team Farrington wins the Olympics

aka The National Lottery Anniversary Run

On the 21st July, my middle sister Rosie and I trundled down to the Olympic Stadium to take part in the TNLAR. Some people were making a fuss because we were the first back to the stadium to run in the footsteps of hero’s etc. etc. they had all clearly missed the memo on the big news – IT WAS ROSIE’S FIRST EVER RUNNING RACE

We ran the 5 miles together and Rosie did amazingly, excellent practice for her first half marathon in Ealing on September 29th. 

Here is a pictorial diary of our day. It was awesome. Particularly the bit where you got to run around the track, but you have all probably read 10 bazillion blogs about that already.


Rosie doesn’t really do early, I think this is potentially the earliest I have ever seen her both up and smiling.




Pretty empty at Stratford station






My homeboy Chris Hoy! and some ladies playing the violin



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