A crisis of confidence…

I’m not very good at posting am I? I thought I would have an exciting 10k to tell you all about (Wimbledon Common) but I might have decided to sack it off and join my Dad on his ride with the Kingston Wheelers (www.kingstonwheelers.co.uk) instead.

There was a number of reasons I decided to do this…

1. It was Fathers Day and spending time with your Dad on Fathers Day is always a good idea

2. I love cycling

3. I had woken up post house warming party on the previous week with a massively sore neck that stuck around all week and made me thoroughly miserable. Unfortunately I can’t blame not turning up for the race on my neck as by this point the lovely Simon Lamb (www.sixsecondshigh.com) had sorted it out for me

4. I wasn’t really sure I wanted to race a 10k…

Now this is the one I wanted to talk about. I have been having a bit of a crisis of confidence since the Edinburgh marathon. Sure I still love to run, and my weekly interval sessions with the fabulous Ealing Eagles are now a massive new highlight in my running repartee. However, I am scared.

I am mainly scared that I will start the race and then half way through I will get tired/sick/too hot and I will stop or walk and not be able to run in the way that I want to. Thoughts like these never even entered my head during marathon training, half marathon training or at all over the last year. Not once did I ever think I wouldn’t be able to finish a run, even when it was snowing or blowing a gale or freezing or I was tired or doing sessions before work. Never. So why am I worried now? Is one bad race enough to put me off for life?

I mentioned this to Simon on Saturday and as always he was able to provide some much needed clarity on the situation. The gist of which was that the events of Edinburgh were a one-off freak occurrence and should certainly not prevent me from getting back out there and being just as confident as I was before (he is better at explaining than me).

So, in just over a week and a half I will be running the Clapham Common 10k (also of the RunThrough series). Its time to banish those demons and get racing again, if only to prove to myself that I can.

Anyone else running Clapham? If you see me trying to sneak off I give you full permission to use bodily force to get me on that start line.

P.S. I’m eating a yoghurt

Polly xx


4 thoughts on “A crisis of confidence…

  1. I was wondering where you were on Sunday for the 10k, but assumed I must have got the races mixed up. I ran with my Dad so don’t blame you for doing something Dad related too. And definitely don’t let Edinburgh knock your confidence – everyone has bad races, even elites. Coping with them mentally is probably what separates them from us mortals though – don’t blame yourself, there are plenty more races.

    I am runnng Clapham too, so see you there!

    1. Thanks for the wise words, I love that you got to run with your dad on Father’s day! my dad operates a strict no running policy. Cycling is definitely the next best thing after running though.

      Look forward to hopefully seeing you at Clapham, you must be building quite a sock collection!

  2. Polly what happened in Edinburgh was beyond yr control. You don’t become a bad runner in one race. I predict a stellar performance on Clapham Common and return to normally service. Good luck!

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