So… What’s next?

Firstly, I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who read my race recap and tweeted/left comments, what an absolutely lovely bunch you are. (and Alex totally made fun of me for using the phrase ‘running journey’)

Yesterday I went for my first run post marathon, I had planned to take it easy around Bushy parkrun but on my first weekend off marathon training for 16 weeks that 8am wake up just wasn’t happening. I removed myself from bed at 11am, lazed around for a few hours before eventually getting out my brand new shoes and heading out to the park

It was the new shoes that clinched it.


I ran 5k without my Garmin not worrying about pace or time and spent the run having a good think about my plans for the rest of the year (and worrying slightly how on earth I was going to attempt running a 10k in two weeks). Waaaay before the actual marathon I had started entering races, but with marathon training taking up all my brain space I hadn’t really had much time to give them any thought.

So, without further ado, here’s what I have lined up for the rest of 2013:

June 16th: Runthrough Wimbledon 10k (may have gone cycling with my dad for fathers day instead)

June 30th: Runthrough Clapham Common 10k

July 21st: National Lottery Run

July 28th: Wimbledon Common Half Marathon (TBC)

July 29th: cycling to Paris!

August 11th: Runthrough Brixton 10k

September 15th: London Duathlon (Classic distance)

September 29th: Ealing Half (I would LOVE to go sub 1.40 on my home turf, dream big ey)

October 13th: Oxford Half

December 22nd: Portsmouth Coastal Marathon

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “So… What’s next?

  1. Exciting – I’m doing the 10k run through races in Wimbledon and Clapham so see you there! And I just bought those Brooks shoes too – they’re great and a pretty massive bargain too from that M&M place.

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