TAPER PARTY: Marathon training weeks 14/15

Its the final countdown… According to the Edinburgh Marathon website there is now just 3 days and 23 hours until the big race, my first 26.2.

In other news.. Welcome to my taper party! (Its super boring, ask my poor long suffering BF)

I am trying very hard not to think about the marathon too much, all my energy is focused on staying as far away as possible from anyone with a dribbly nose/cough and spending as much time as physically possible horizontal. Turns out I’m pretty good at this taper malarky, now if I could only work out exactly how what 500g of carbs looks like in terms of actual food.

Highlights from weeks 14/15:

– These were my first two weeks of taper and quite frankly week 14 still seemed pretty hard! After hearing everyone on twitter talking about the ‘taper crazies’ I kind of thought I would get to spend the entire three weeks lying down. I was wrong. I carried on doing all my regular sessions including the 5am speed work but with my long run reduced to 10 miles. This wasn’t so bad though because I got to spend last week here:



nice ey, my Grandma won a week at a fellow members gorgeous Menorcan villa at a golf club raffle! Lovely lady that she is she let the parents and I tag along. I used the pool as my glorified ice bath on several occasions.

– I am slighly concerned I over did it a bit in Menorca, as well as running there was mountain biking, exploring and hiking along the coastal path. Fingers crossed there was also enough lying down and relaxing to counter act this.

– Last year temperatures at Edinburgh Marathon were insane, over 32 degrees at some points and I have had several people warning me it can be a notoriously hot race. Bearing this in mind I thought I could use my week in Menorca to try and acclimatise myself to the sun, I can safeyly say it firmly cemented my opinion that I DO NOT like running in the heat. I did my 10 miler, some short MGP work and some hills (the villa was at the top of a giant hill) and it was BRUTAL. Urgh sun urgh.

Week 14 training Log:

Monday: 8 miles at MGP

Tueday: REST (I was exhausted so sacked off my recovery run)

Wednesday: Interval session (6 x 5mins at 10k pace) + warm up and cool down

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 50 mins at MGP + fly to Menorca!

Saturday: 10.5 super slow miles up and down the harbour in Cuitadella

Sunday: Rest

Week 15 training log:

Monday: 5 miles at MGP + 30 miles bike ride (silly I know)

Tuesday: REST (spent almost entirely horizontal)

Wednesday: Hill sprints + 10k coastal hike (again silly)

Thursday: REST

Friday: Rest + fly home!

Saturday: 6.5 miles really slow (I didn’t sleep well and woke up with a cough, I spent a few hours gloomily contemplating the end of marathon dream)

Sunday: Bed

Thankfully my cough has now completely gone, I am loaded on Vitamin C and I am feeling happy and good about my training! I have worked the hardest I ever worked over the last 16 weeks and I just hope it is enough to do myself proud on Sunday!


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