2 WEEKS TO GO! Mazzatron training weeks 12/13

There are only 16 days left until my first ever marathon, that is not long. Over the last couple of weeks the 26th May has been slowly creeping closer and now it is right on my metaphorical doorstep, ringing the bell and shouting whilst I’m trying to get my running zen on.

I am trying not to think about it too much at the moment and just concentrate on getting to the start line in one piece. My biggest fear is that I will do something catastrophically stupid in the next 16 days and not be able to run. This is no unfounded fear, doing stupid things seems to be ingrained in my DNA, I could literally be struck down at any second. To give you an example, last week I opened the fridge and an electric cork screw fell off the top and hit me in the eye. This cannot keep happening.

Moving on, highlights from the previous two weeks!

  • I completed both my final cut back week and my highest mileage week which culminated in an epic 21 mile adventure around Richmond Park, progressing down the river to Hampton Court and ending with a trip round Bushy. Done and done.
  • I had my first Ice Bath, I got in the first time wearing my shorts with bare legs and it was such agony I had to get out, put my socks on, and then get back in. It works though! No pain on Sunday.
  • Not only did the Giro start this weekend, I also got to finally ride my bike again! Once, on the commute during my cut back week and again to go visit the boyfriend in Stoke Newington. Riding my bike never ceases to remind me how much I HATE THE TUBE luckily post marathon I will have a very good exscuse to ride my bike again as….
  • I entered the London Duathlon! Along with the Ealing Half this will be my big September goal race. I signed up for the classic distance (10k run, 40km bike, 5k run) very excited to tackle some shorter faster distances and get my bike fitness back up to scratch.
  • On Monday I ran 9 miles along the canal from Hackney, the weather was gorgeous and (look away now vegetarians/vegans) I accidentally took out THIS MANY flies with my forehead:


mmmm attractive. I also wore my new miniature shorts, some would say too short others not short enough! (possibly)


  • I have been having regular sports massages with the wonderful @Simon_lamb who is not only a saviour of tired achey limbs but also funny, super cool and an absolute fountain of knowledge! Check out his website here ——> www.sixsecondshigh.com 

Training log:


Monday: 45 mins eeasy

Tuesday: 8 miles at MGP

Wednesday: 45 mins of fartlek

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 60 mins steady

Saturday: Long Slow Run – 15.5 miles/150 mins

Sunday: Rest


Monday: 45 mins easy

Tuesday: 11 miles at MGP

Wednesday: 6 x 1km efforts at 10k pace (7:30m/m)

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 21 MILES

Sunday: 3 miles steady

I’m off to Menorca tomorrow morning for a week of R’n’R, when I get back next weekend the marathon will be in 1 WEEK. errrrmmmmaahhhhhgoooooood.


2 thoughts on “2 WEEKS TO GO! Mazzatron training weeks 12/13

  1. Great stuff! Getting back on my bike is the first thing I do after a marathon (after celebrating and eating and drinking of course) – I really can’t stress enough how much it helps to speed up the recovery of my legs!

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