Unfortunately my laptop charger has disintegrated, so I am currently enjoying my second week totally laptop free. On the one hand this has definitely made it easier to nod off at my alloted 9:30pm bedtime (seriously), but on the other hand it has been pretty detrimental to my blogging efforts. Apologies.

Onwards and upwards, weeks 10/11 were exciting weeks! A few of the highlights:

  • I ran 19 miles (once again my furthest ever run) on Saturday morning in the beautiful sunshine
  • I took a weekend trip to Stockholm, land of expensive drinks, beautiful people and trendy runners



  • As the above weekend trip coincided with week 10s long run, I decided pre work on a Thursday was the best time to complete my 17 miler. If only I had such steely determination in other areas of my life, new pair of Acne boots I had to buy in Stockholm I AM LOOKING AT YOU
  • On Sunday it was the LONDON MARATHON without a doubt one of my favourite days of the year. Massive massive congratulations to everyone that ran, you are all awesome and I cant wait till I get my turn on the streets of London town.
  • Potentially due to the above there has been a national (South West London?) shortage of GU gels, I literally could not find them anywhere. Luckily for me the lovely Anne Marie @nylonruns (who I have never previously met) offered to pick some up for me from the London Marathon expo (which she ran and totally PB’d by the way), which again just further proves my theory that runners are awesome!
  • Just to clear up a little confusion I am actually running Edinburgh Marathon on the 26th May! However everyone that wished me luck for London Marathon, thank you very much!!

Week 10 – Training Log:

Monday: 45 mins easy

Tuesday: 9 miles at MGP (pre work)

Wedneday: Progression session: 50 mins gradually increasing to 10k pace

Thursday: The big 17 miler

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: STOCKHOLM!

Week 11 – Training Log:

Monday: 45 mins easy

Tuesday: 10 miles at MGP (pre work)

Wednesday: 8 x 3 min efforts at 5k pace (7:00 m/m)

Thursday: REST

Friday: Dreaded hills, 6 min efforts on the up and down x 4

Saturday: 19 MILES

Sunday: REST + VLM cheering duties

Only 5 weeks left now…


2 thoughts on “EDINBURGH MAZZATRON TRAINING: Weeks 10/11

  1. Looks like you’re doin’ good on the ‘mazzatron’ (tee hee) training! Well done with the long runs – SW is definitely best with it’s parks and the river.

  2. Ahhh I love running in south west London, it really is a pleasure! I regularly run to work now on the tow path from kew bridge to putney. Well done for the marathon on Sunday!

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