SUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN – Marathon Training Week 9

Oh how I have missed you glorious sunshine, nice of you to finally turn up during week 9 of marathon training! (Please dont go)

This week:

  • I ran the furthest I have ever run – 16 miles!
  • I got a new 5k PB – 22.29
  • I had my first sports massage of this training cycle – I clock watched all 45 mins of agony
  • I almost managed to stay up past 12 for the first time in weeks (the clocks moved, still didnt quite make it)
  • It was both the Paris Marathon and Paris-Roubaix, huge congrats to all runners and Fabian Cancellara for bossing the cobbles (See below pic of Fab being carried to the showers following a track sprint finish.. after 250km)


That sports massage HURT (probably not as much as Cancellara did though), I thought my legs had been in pretty good shape but it turns out I had some serious musle knots and those bad boys needed untangling (with thumbs). The lovely masseuse told me to tell her if it was too much but instead I decided to take this as a personal challenge to withstand any pain she could inflict. I was warned my legs would feel heavy and sore on Sunday for my long run, which they did. But nothing was going to stop me enjoying my first proper run in the sunshine!

Weekly training log:

Monday: 50 minutes at MGP

Tuesday: 45 mins easy

Wednesday: Pyramid session, warm up followed by interval efforts of 3 min/5 min/7min and back down again

Thursday: rest

Friday: rest

Saturday: 5km time trial at Bushy parkrun!

Sunday: LSR (long slow run) 16 miles in 2 hours 30


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