Very almost halfway through this 16 week training plan! 5 more weeks more of hard training before the taper party can begin. mmmmmmm taper party.

I think its safe to say Week 6 will be remembered forever as the epic battle against the great british weather, with each of my 5  runs  completed in wind/rain/sleet/ice and general nastiness.

The week culminated in an epic 13 mile slog around Richmond Park, bent douple against driving wind and rain and struggling to get one foot in front of the other (looking back shorts weren’t the wisest choice).  Both my mum and the boy had (stupidly) agreed to join me on the bikes, a decision they instantly regretted.

I lost the mothership around 8 miles as the weather steadily worsened and she made a bid for freedom, leaving me with just one soggy support crew member for the remainder of the run. Massive kudos to the boy for sticking it out the whole way, it was greatly appreaciated. Having someone with you on these runs to pass you water and give you a little shove makes the whole endeavour 100000 x easier.

The sun still hasnt made an appearance on any of this weeks runs but I have high hopes for my 15 mile long run this weeked (the furthest I will ever have been)! Come on Mr Weatherman, give a girl a break.

Quick round up of last weeks training.


Tuesday: Gingerly ventured out for my 40 mins easy

Wednesday: 5 x 5 min intervals at 5k pace (around 7:00 – 7:10min/mile)

Thursday: HILL! my first ever hill session, it hurt.

Friday: 6 miles at MGP (9:00min/mile)

Saturday: LONG RUN 13 miles of weather trauma

So how did everyone else cope with last weeks weather?

Pol x


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