I think that pretty nicely sums up how I felt during Week 5 of marathon training. Case in point – Yesterday I woke up at 5am, went downstairs, ate a big bowl of porridge, went back upstairs put on my running clothes and then crawled back under the duvet and slept till 7:30.

Clearly running the Bath Half then completing 5 days of training with a long run on Saturday followed by moving all my crapola into my new flat really took it out of me.

n.b. The BALTIC weather really didnt help much either

Onwards and upwards. Week 4:

Monday: 50 min cycle in the glorious sunshine in replacement of my easy run post Bath Half

Tusday: 5 miles at MGP

Wednesday: 7 x 3 min effort 60 seconds easy, with a warm up and cool down

Thursday: Lie down day

Friday: 4 x mile repeats (The hardest but most beneficial session of all). I ran all 4 of these mile repeats SUB 7:15!!!!!! If I can start hitting sub 7 min miles in this session, I will be over the moon

Saturday: LONG RUN (12 miles) – managed to persuade my mum to do team support on the bike in Richmond Park, definitely my favourite run of the week

I am now in a new flat (Ealing common) and wearing new trainers (Mizuno wave rider 16’s) took them out for a 4 mile spin last night and so far no complaints. Looking forward to trying them out on a little speed session later!


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