Week 4 turned out to be an exciting week!

It began with a trip back from the slopes on Sunday evening, took in 4 days of hardcore 5am marathon training and ended with a PB at Bath Half Marathon!

Not bad for a weeks work. Plus I managed to pick up these little legging beauties on Friday…


Monday: Whilst skiing on Sunday there was one particularly steep blue (no jk) that instead of skiing down I decided to instead  complete in a series of out of control forward rolls minus skis. Hence, on Monday it probably shouldnt have been a surprise I woke up with a really really sore neck. Decided to take the day off to let it heal and do my session Tues, Weds, Thurs and Fri instead.

Tuesday: 4 miles at MGP (marathon goal pace)

Wednesday: 30 mins eaasy

Thursday: 5 x 1km repeats with 10 mins warm up and cool down. Somehow this is so much easier than just running a 4 and a half minute interval? weird.

Friday: 50 mins steady eddy

Unbelievably 3 out of 4 of these workout were done pre 6am?! After a year of denial has it turned out that I am actually a morning runner, will 7am forever be a lie in? Im not sure im ready for this.

Saturday: lie down day

Sunday: BATH HALF! Read about it below…

Editors note:

On GU’s, sadly a runners GU is not the delicious chocolate desert but a weird gel type food that comes in a sachet and gives you additional energy in a race.






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