POLLY VS MARATHON – Weeks 2 and 3!

Sorry about the small break in posts folks been a busy couple of weeks with marathon training and a weekend ski adventure!

Anyways, back to business…

Week 2 went well and consisted of:

Monday: 4 miles at MGP (9min miles). Kind of struggling to get these to stick at 9:00 min mile pacing, for some reason my legs just want to go faster, not sure whether this is actually not good in the long term. Hopefully once I start getting onto the longer long runs I will be able to get my pace under control a bit (and I always thought the people saying they struggled to keep their pace down were great big fibbers!)

Tuesday: 30 mins eeeeeeasy, again I ended up running this faster than MGP! must. slow. down.

Wednesday: 2 sets of 8 mins at 10k pace, did these at around 7:53 pace and it was HARD, obviously feeling the effects of doing Monday and Tuesdays sessions too hard

Thursday: Rest day!

Friday: 4 x 1 mile repeats – These were not as killer as last week surprisingly, all hovering between 7:22 and 7:30 maybe I am getting a little bit stronger?

Saturday: Long run! 10 miles down the sunny thames, through bushy park and hampton court and back home for bagels and saturday afternoon drinks time


This was a funny week because I knew I was leaving on Thursday to SKI! (my first time so very over excited) so I front loaded Monday Tuesday Wednesday with my core sessions:

Monday: 5 freeeeeeeezing 5am miles at MGP, so cold though actually ended up running them at 8:30. Absolutely starving for the rest of the day which is pretty much the normal state of affairs for me now

Tuesday: 2 x 12 min at MGP just over 5 miles including warm ups and cool downs etc.

Wednesday: KILLER 8 x 2 min efforts. I was tired by this point and struggled with these, for some reason just wasnt clicking..

BUT then it was time for skiing! This was my first ever skiing trip and I LOVE LOVE LOVED it, didnt hurt that we got to stay here:

2013-02-23 15.52.59

and I got to eat unlimited amounts of these:

2013-02-27 07.38.48

Skiing is like running really fast down a hill over and over but with less effort, awesome scenery and FASTER! a revelation!

Back to real life this week, 5am run this morning just barely awake

2013-02-27 05.58.31

Bath Half on Sunday! Anyone else doing it?

Polly X


2 thoughts on “POLLY VS MARATHON – Weeks 2 and 3!

  1. Hi Polly, I really enjoyed reading your blog post, I’m training for a sub-4 marathon and can really appreciate how much training you’re putting in – I also struggle at maintaining my marathon pace – always wanting to go faster!

    It sounds like we live in the same area! I also train in Bushy Park and around Hampton Court!

    I look forward to reading more updates!

    Liz xo

    1. Hi Liz

      Thanks for reading! I literlly live 30 seconds away from Bushy Park Teddington entrance so I do almost all my runs around Bushy/Richmond Park and down the river.

      I checked out your blog the other day and looks like we have exactly the same goals! If you ever need a long run buddy just get it touch.

      p.s. WriteThisRun is an awesome project!

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