Good news boys and girls, the first week of marathon training has been successfully completed and today marks the first day of week 2!

Though none of my runs were longer than 9 miles (4/5 were around the 4 mile mark) it was the first time I have incorporated fartlek and threshold runs into my routine, and surprisingly I genuinely really enjoyed them (sucker for punishment). I have a mile long route timed from outside my front door and on Friday I did my first ever set of mile long intervals with 3 mins easy job inbetween. My times came out at:

1: 7:33

2: 7:38

3. 7.31  *edit: just uploaded to garmin connect and turns out this was a 7:31 not a 6:33! a girl can dream…

I know I can run a 7.23 average on a 5k but I am supposed to be doing these at 10k pace, and having never properly raced a 10k I’m not certain what that pace should be? I figure as next Thursday calls for 4 x 1 mile thresholds I will start to get a better idea of what I’m capable of holding up!

Saturday was long run day! my training plan called for 75 mins which though shorter than what I’ve been running regularly on Saturdays with tired legs I was pretty grateful and  keeping up a slow pace was definitley not a struggle.

The week ended with a total mileage of 26.5, which was a pretty steady jump up from my 16/17/18 mileage weeks I’ve been doing post christmas.

Having suffered from injuries before my last half I am really sesitive to any little twinges and terrified they are going to turn into full blown disasters culminating in one of legs dropping off. My calves have taken a bit of a bashing but so far icing and rolling seems to be doing the trick


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