Marathon training and so it begins…

Afternoon everybody,

After a hectic few weeks of work I am finally getting the blog back on track and happy to report that today marks the first official day of my Edinburgh marathon training plan!

Following a month of general illness (nice one january) I am finally feeling ship shape and ready to show February whats what in the running department. I kicked off the weekend with a sunny 12.6 miles around Richmond Park where it was great to see so many other runners (along with myself) unleashing their pasty legs on the world!

I wore my new lululemon running shorts and long sleeve top (a treat to mark the beginning of marathon training) and so far they have more than compensated for there higher than most price tag. I have pretty much worn the same outfit for my last 4 runs and they are yet to smell or chafe or present any form of discomfort whatsoever. GOOD BUY!

Back to todays run… the first of my 16 week marathon training schedule devised by Karen Weir was a 3 mile MGP (marathon goal pace) jaunt down the riverside in my lunch break, I am aiming for a sub 4 hour marathon so I kept the pace just under 9 min miles which felt really comfortable, happy days.

4 more runs this week and 79 left to go in the programme. Wish me luck!


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