Cool Runnings – Christmas (s)miles

Merry Christmas! hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Mine is unfortunately over and I am now one of the 4 people back in the office to hold down the fort. Despite being back at work way too soon I managed to get some good christmas miles under my belt this holiday, which im pretty pleased about considering the monsoon that hit the second I walked out of work on the 14th.

Check it!

Workout log:

Saturday (day after work xmas party): slept all day

Sunday: 10 miles! half with my madre and then soldiered on for the last 5

Monday: half hour of self devised circuits in the living room + 2 mile run

Tuesday/Wednesday: My 4 year anniversary! aka nada

Thursday: 12 miles around Richmond park

Friday: living room circuits (look as silly as they sound)

Saturday: 7 miles in the pouring rain

Sunday: Shopping!

Christmas eve: 10 miles

Christmas day: Family cycle to grandparents

Boxing day: 20 miles on the bicycles

Today: Back at work!

Not to shabby for the christmas hols, no speed work or owt but planning to save that for when marathon training starts proper. Also check out these new babies!


Been having a few calf issues so decided to give these compression socks a go, so far so good except i got them completely filthy on their first outing, c’est la vie. Also never underestimate the importance of hi-viz


Thas rite! How did everyone else christmas running go?



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